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Fluid bed Dryer
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The great advantage of Fluid bed technology lies in uniform, repeatable product quality with gentle treatment of products. Despite all the development in drying technology, fluid bed dryer/ processor has unmatched drying speed.

Naturally fluid bed equipment has universal application. You can use it in combination with high shear mixer as a very rapid dryer or in combination with suitable nozzle system as a combined granulator/ dryer and top spray coater.

Whether you use the machine as a dryer or a single pot processor, in every case it provides you with a system which sets the standard for product quality and effectiveness. The fluidization technique is efficient for the drying of granular solids, because each particle is completely surrounded by drying air. In addition, intense mixing between the solids and hot air results in uniform conditions of temperature. composition and particle size distribution throughout the bed.

Process Filters :

Single Shaker Bag Filter :

A simple, basic filter bag with fingers of appropriate numbers. During cleaning the filter bag is shaken by a cylinder which dedusts the filter. Fluidization stops during the dedusting or filter cleaning.

Cartridge Filters :

Stainless steel filter cartridges are cleaned one at a time so that fluidization continues even during filter cleaning. Here there are more than one stainless steel cartridge filters and large amount of filters are available for continuous fluidization. Unlike bag filters, these filters can be cleaned in place.

Salient features of Fluid Bed Equipment

Clean in Process :

CIP system consists of two nozzles spraying water and rotating at high speed inside the main chamber . These are connected by various solenoid systems such that three different wash mediums can be made to spray inside the bowl one after another. When running under PLC control, PLC will determine the opening and closing of various valves along with discharge opening. Client will have to provide for sufficient volume water of each type to our CIP wash central unit which is mounted over a trolley. Thus three connections for various water types should be provided in the same room and near location of dryer machine so that these connections can be made easily while going for CIP wash. A sample port is also provided on the discharge of dryer so that water sample can be taken out after each wash for lab testing if needed. There is an audio buzzer that will indicate that sample has to be taken out during drain. Drain water released through bottom valve in the plenum, which is connected to drain provided in the room. One central nozzle which rotates while spraying the water along with a nozzle mounted in the plenum assembly cleans the bowl and discharge assembly thoroughly.

Safety Features :

Particle Coating & Pallet Coating.

This process is used to apply a coating to the granules or pallets resulting in favourable barrier properties. This type of barrier coating alters the product property with respect to Stability in storage, hygroscopic property, free flowing property, solubility, sustained release property, appearance, taste, odour etc. Here the spraying is done from bottom using cylindrical tubes through which spraying is done. It is also known as Wurster coater. Here in this process the spray is done inside a hollow cylinder and from the bottom of this cylinder the pallets are allowed in small quantity to enter the hollow cylindrical tube. Thus the particles are passing the bottom spray guns in orderly manner quickly moving upward the tubes to avoid agglomeration. Once they are outside the Wurster compartment, they move downward outside the compartment where they dry an another layer of coating can be supplied. Since the movement of the particle or pallets inside the Wurster chamber ( hollow tube) is totally controlled it ensures uniform coating.



Agglomeration & Granulation :

This process is used in Fluid beds to form granules from a powder. The fluidized powder is wetted with binders using top spray guns. Binders are based on solvent or water and fluidized powder is wetted until liquid bridges are formed between particles. Segregation of powder doesn't take place as different powders are glued together on a micro scale. Since there is no impinging force in the fluid bed equipments the granules are weak and having good solubility. Effervescent products are made much better using this process. Once the granules are made they are dried in the equipment using hot air. Using this technology the granules that are formed are dust free granules with free flowing properties. Granules also have good dispersibility with excellent solubility due to porous structure. It also have low bulk density with wide grain size distribution.

MODEL SEC 15 SEC 30 SEC 60 SEC 120 SEC 200 SEC 250 SEC 300
Container Vol : Litres 50 100 220 430 590 780 950
Batch Capacity : Kgs 15-20 30-40 60-75 120-140 200-225 250-280 300-330
Heating Load : KW for Electrical Heating 9 18 36 54 Electric Heating Not Recommended
Motor H.P. 3 5 10 15 20 25 30
Drying Temp oC 50-80 50-80 50-80 50-80 50-80 50-80 50-80
Approx. Steam Consumption Kgs/Hr (Steam Pressure 3 Kg/cm2) 15 25 50 100 160 200 250
Fluid bed Process Fluid Bed Equipments

Fluid bed Process Fluid Bed Equipments

Fluid bed Dryer

Capacity 30 kg

Fluid bed Dryers

Capacity 60 kg

Fluid bed Dryers india

Capacity 120 kg

Fluid bed Dryer india

Capacity 250 kg

Process Filters

Process Filters

Process Filter

Process Filter

Clean in Process

Clean in Process

Clean  Process india

Clean Process india

Clean  Process Manufacturer

Zero Hold Up Filter Press

Clean  Process exporter

Clean Process Sxporter

Particle Coating & Pallet Coating

Particle Coating & Pallet Coating






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