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Laminar Air Flows
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Laminar air flows can maintain a working area devoid of contaminants. Many medical and research laboratories require sterile working environments in order to carry out specialised work. Laminar Flow Cabinets can provide the solution.

Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laminar Flow Cabinets create particle-free working environments by projecting air through a filtration system and exhausting it across a work surface in a laminar or uni-directional air stream. They provide an excellent clean air environment for a number of pharmaceuticals and laboratory requirements.


Laminar Flow Cabinets are suitable for a variety of applications and especially where an individual clean air environment is required for smaller items, e.g. particle sensitive electronic devices.  In the laboratory, Laminar Flow Cabinets are commonly used for specialised work. 

Laminar Flow Cabinets can be tailor made to the specific requirements of the laboratory and are also ideal for general lab work, especially in the medical, pharmaceutical, electronic and industrial sectors.

Vertical laminar air flow workstations provide an biologically clean and particle free environment for various application including liquid / powder filling, washing operations, transfer of material from one place to another and storage of material under Class 100 environment.


The directly driven blower sucks in the ambient air through pre-filters and supplies it within the working area, filtered by means of HEPA filters. The average velocity of the first air output is approximately 100 FPM +/- 20%. This filtered air creates an positive pressure within the working area is to prevent penetration of the contaminated ambient air into the working area.


These units are factory assembled and are made up of S. S. 304 grade Stainless Steel material. These units have smooth welded corners.


A direct driven statically and dynamically balanced blower assembly with a volume control damper is used for air circulation within the cabinet. Easy access is provided to the blower compartment.


Discharge filters are generally HEPA filters certified to achieve an filtration efficiency of not less than 99.97% and filtration accuracy of 0.3 microns. Hence the discharge air complies with Class 100 U.S. Fed. Std. 209 - E.


Pre-filters made from the fibre glass media to achieve high filtration efficiency and filtration accuracy of upto 5.0 microns. These are used to block major particles from the ambient air being sucked by the blowers and passing it through the discharge filters. Thus enhancing the life of discharge filters.


A Magnehelic gauge is used for static pressure measurement across the HEPA filters and also to monitor the blower performance.


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Laminar Flow Benches

Laminar Flow Benches

 Laminar Flow Hoods

Laminar Flow Hoods

Laminar Air Flows

Laminar Air Flows

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