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Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press, Horizontal Plate Filter
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Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press
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Operation :

High quality stainless steel having customized finished design. The cartridge assembly consists of plates, perforated screens, spacers and filter media stands on S.S. trolley. The whole assembly complete with attached pump and pipe lines through welding, zero hold up filter press of filtration process the cake is cleaned from filter material and can be recycled is best suitable for standard filter press, sparkler filters, sparkler filter press, horizontal filter press sparkler type, horizontal filter press and gear pump horizontal filter press , Sparkler Filter Press,Standard Filter Press,Sparkler Filters, Sparkler Filter Press, Horizontal Filter Press Sparkler Type ,Horizontal Filter Press ,Standard Filter Press,Gear Pump Horizontal Filter Press,Zero Hold Up Filter Press ,Wine Filter Press ,Zero Hold Up Filter Press ,Reverse Flow Zero Hold Filter Press ,SS Zero Hold Up Filter Press ,Reverse Flow Horizontal Filter Press ,Stainless Steel Filter Press ,Pharma Filter Press ,Gear Pump Zero Hold Filter Press,

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The unfiltered liquid is fed into the filter under positive pressure, where liquid travels in downwards direction and finds its way through opening on sides of the Filter Plates.

As the liquid pressure increases, the Filter media holds the foreign particles and allows only clear filtrate to pass through the central channel formed by interlocking pressure cups to the outlet. Filtration is continued until the cake holding capacity of the unit is reached or until the filtrate rate becomes too slow owing to cake resistance.

Features :

Technical Specification :

TypesDiameter of PlateNo. of PlatesFiltering Area M2Cake CapacityOutput Ltr / Hr
S868"60.1886 m24.34 liters400
S888"80.2260 m25.79 liters500
S14814"80.6130 m227.78 liters1000
S141014"100.7960 m234.72 liters1200
S181218"121.745 m278.01 liters4000
S181518"152.169 m240.50 liters5000
S182318"233.338 m263.49 liters7000
S241024"102.53 m2142.56 LITERS9000
S241824"184.37 m2113.12 LITERS16200
S241324"133.22 m2185.33 LITERS11700
S242424"245.75m2150.81 LITERS21000
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